antelope audio 10mx

After more than two decades of refinements, Antelope Audio has released its newest device that utilizes the company’s audio clocking technology: the 10MX Atomic Clock.

The 10MX builds on Antelope’s audio clocking past by bringing together “proven technologies” and advances in industrial design, the audio company said. It combines the “atomic precision” of its 10M and the Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) algorithms of the Trinity in one single-rack device.

“The 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock and Trinity Master Clock combination has proved to be the ‘gold standard’ and the ultimate clocking reference in many top recording, mastering and post-production facilities around the world,” Igor Levin, CEO and founder, Antelope Audio, said in a statement. “While developing the 10MX we strove to exceed this high bar. We listened to our customers and delivered exactly what they asked for: the best features of the 10M and Trinity in a combined, 1U package.”

Antelope described the device further in its statement:

The Antelope 10MX is perfectly suited to recording, mixing and mastering environments and is an ideal companion to a variety of live sound applications in delivering refined clarity and three-dimensionality. … The 10MX features multiple atomic outputs, enabling up to ten devices to be clocked simultaneously over 10MHz. Four BNC outputs provide Word Clock (WC) signal, supporting an astounding sampling rate of up to 768 kHz. In addition, four more WC outputs are available through AES and S/PDIF. All features on the new 10MX master clock can be accessed from either the front panel or via the included software control panel, which is available for both OS X and Windows.

Antelope released a video on its new 10MX Rubidium Atomic Clock:

The 10MX is expected to begin shipping in mid-November and will sell for $5,995.