Sony, at the Denver-held 2019 CEDIA Expo, announced that it is paving the way for a 16K ultra consumer-level experience: it is making available the Crystal Light Emitting Diode (CLED) display it showed at CEDIA 2018 and earmarked then for commercial and entertainment applications available to the custom installation channel for residential installations through a selection of specially certified installers.

Fasulo talks up CLED technology

Sony President and COO Mike Fasulo touted the technology’s 180-degree viewing angle among a host of features, while standing in front of a massive 16-foot-by-9-foot 4K iteration of the display, noting that it would be available through select dealers.

CLED is a modular technology and is size-customizable and configurable in a variety of configurations. According to Sony, it is capable of displaying 8K HDR video content and beyond, up to 16K. The display is “built” via a combination of screen units, and possible configurations that Sony listed in its press information range from Full HD size comprised of 18 units (110 inches), to 4K size (72 units; 220 inches), to 8K size (288 units; 440 inches) to 16K size (576 units; 790 inches). The latter size measures 63 feet wide by 18 feet when the screen is fully assembled.

“Scaling this technology to residential installation marks a milestone in Sony’s efforts to get closer to consumers,” said Fasulo. “Crystal LED delivers over a million-to-one contrast ratio, the most accurate light levels, low heat emission and a picture quality that is absolutely breathtaking. By offering the display in modular configurations, consumers now have an exciting new option for the transition from home projection systems and large-screen TVs.”

The Crystal LED direct view display system boats high brightness of 1,000 nits and uses ultra-fine micro-LEDs measuring 0.003 mm squared – half the width of a human hair – which are 100 times smaller than traditional LEDs. Moving images are also said to be blur-free, due to a high refresh frame rate up to 120fps.

The product will be supported by Sony’s technical team with additional design support resources, installation and maintenance on end-users’ applications provided by Sony Electronics, which will also offer custom installer Crystal LED service training, enabling them to remotely monitor and support displays after installation.