Atlona is making moves to standardize the look, feel, and navigation of its integration solutions, with many products on display at CEDIA Expo.

The just released PRO3HD44M is an HDBaseT 4 x 4 signal routing matrix switcher that supports HDMI, uncompressed audio distribution across 4 zones. It features HDBaseT Lite allowing it to take advantage of power over ethernet (PoE) while extending HDMI signals for up to 230 feet over Cat 6a cables, and up to 200 feet over a single Cat 5.

The switcher supports all types of digital AV sources with advanced EDID. It features bi-directional IR and RS-232 routing for full controll of routing to all 4 devices. It is compatibel with Atlona’s ATPRO3HDREC receivers.

The PRO3HD44M can also be used in combination with the PRO3HDREC HDMI extender of Cat 5e/6/7 to extend HDMI sources and allow pass-through support.

Atlona also showed new HDMI to HDMI matrix switchers, the AT-H2H-44M and AT-H2H-88M. These products are flexible for integrators with EDID management options and a USB port for easy firmware updates.

An ideal solution for installations with multiple or redundant displays, the Atlona HDBaseT Splitters, AT-HDCAT-4, AT-HDCAT8 and AT-HDCAT-8ED can display a single source to multiple displays. With HDBaseT Lite, the AT-HDCAT-4 and 8 transmit signals up to 230 feet, while the AT-HDCAT-8ED transmits up to 330 feet.

Several balun solutions also made an appearance at the booth. Atlona HDMI extender kits feature TX/RX box designs and transmit resolutions up to 4Kx2K for up to 230-feet over CAT 6a and up to 200 feet with CAT 5e and 6 cables. The AT-HDTX/AT-HDRS kit includes a captive screw termination for power on the transmit balun. The AT-HDTX-IR/AT-HDRX-IR and AT-HDTX-RSNET/AT-HDRX-RSNET offer bi-directional IR and various captive screw termination options on the transmit and RX baluns.

Atlona’s HDMI extender kits are available in a variety of wall plate form factors for custom installations.

Finally, Atlona has released the consumer-friendly LinkCast AV system. The AT-LinkCastAV receiver wirelessly transmits an HDMI signal to a display. Up to 5 receivers can be added to the system, and switching between sources is a snap with the included remote control. It supports up to 1080p HD and 3D, and is great for connecting to a computer for gaming on a big screen or for playing media stored on mobile devices.