autonomic and lutron

Whole-house music systems manufacturer Autonomic has developed a system capable of integrating the company’s Mirage Audio System—including the Mirage Media Server and matching Mirage digital amplifiers—and the Lutron HomeWorks QS total home control system. The integration will give integrators a way to provide their clients with control of their home audio environment by utilizing user-programmable scene presets on all Lutron HomeWorks QS compatible keypads, including the new Palladiom QS keypad, Autonomic explained.

The user-reprogrammable Mirage presets on the Lutron HomeWorks keypads include features like one-button access that will automatically play music in specified rooms at specific volume levels. And changing the preset works just like changing the preset radio stations in your car.

“Any technology designer will tell you that implementing a simple but powerful user experience is among the most complex of engineering tasks,” Autonomic CEO Michael de Nigris said in a statement. “Together with Lutron, our teams have developed a devilishly simple interface that belies the complexity that it took to bring it about. The ability to come home and simply press one button to initiate their favorite streaming station playing throughout the home at just the right volume will increase customer’s utilization and appreciation for what we have accomplished.”

The Lutron HomeWorks QS system gives users control over lights, shades, and temperatures, and integrates with third party devices to offer a “seamless control experience.” The collaboration between Autonomic and Lutron brings the Mirage Audio Systems into the fold. Mirage, Autonomic said, is a turnkey home audio solution that gives users the ability to listen to their own personal music collection or a streaming music service in as many as 96 rooms throughout the home.