In the November 2008 issue, cyberManor, of Los Gatos, Calif., was honored with CustomRetailer’s Customer Satisfaction Award! This feature began in June 2008, honoring custom integrators who have exemplified excellence in serving customers. The final award winner was featured in the June 2009 issue. Take a look at why cyberManor is one of CR’s award recipients.

What’s the best way to spread the word about your great customer service? Have your customers do it for you! That’s what Gordon van Zuiden of cyberManor, Los Gatos, Calif., is achieving as evidenced in this letter sent from one satisfied client to a potential new one. This letter is truly a thing of beauty to any business owner; please read on!

Congratulations, cyberManor!

Hello Charles,

I was talking to my friend, Gordon, with cyberManor today. He mentioned your project and that he was hopeful he would be able to work for you. I asked for your e-mail address because I wanted to be able to tell you how we feel about cyberManor.

We did a $1.7 million dollar remodel on our home in Los Gatos. We wanted the best so we allowed cyberManor to take over and do their thing. Their people are outstanding and did everything we could have possibly wanted. After we moved back in, there were a few niches to work out and they would come the same day I would call with a concern. It was usually something I was doing wrong and they would take time to train me on how to work things correctly. I even have a three-ring binder that tells me everything I could possibly need to know.

The thing I love most about what cyberManor did for us is our Sonos system. We had never heard of it. People will say, “Did you put in a nice Bose system?” We laugh because our Sonos is way, way, way better than Bose! This is a system I can’t really explain right now but we were able to download all our CDs onto it. Now we have a hand-held device (like a big iPod) that we can select and play our music from. We can look up our music by Artist, Album, etc. We’ll sit in our back yard and go through all our music without getting up.

The continuing service from cyberManor is impressive. We paid our fee right when their installation was complete but they have been back to our house many times since then and there have been no additional fees invoiced. Just this past Friday I couldn’t get something to work so I called their office and one of their people walked me through a simple “reset” for the system and it was up running again. I feel like they have a personal touch you would never get from a big chain operation.

They may or may not cost more than the other guys but they are the absolute BEST. I highly recommend them. I am positive you would not be disappointed. If you would like to see/hear what they did in our home, you are more than welcome to come by.

Paula Ball
Los Gatos, CA