The new contactless DoorBird IP video door station (Model D2101WV) from the Bird Home Automation Group supports the worldwide fight against COVID-19. It has a special sensor technology for contactless ringing developed by the Berlin-based manufacturer.

DoorBird’s D2101WV enables contactless ringing, protecting health and increasing safety. Visitors, customers and patients can no longer come into contact with viruses and bacteria by touching the doorbell. It is also suitable for buildings with a high number of visitors, such as hospitals, kindergartens, medical offices and other office buildings.

The integrated module with special sensor technology detects gestures, such as waving and approaching of the hand at a distance of 10 centimeters and triggers a bell signal at an IP chime or indoor station. A hand gesture can also trigger a preconfigured relay which then opens the door automatically. Other actions can also be performed – for example, sending a push notification to the homeowner’s smartphone or an HTTP(S) call to a building automation system, or initiating a SIP call.

Its IP technology also enables communication with visitors via mobile devices. Homeowners can see live video of the entrance area, talk to their guests and open the door from their smartphones and tablets via the DoorBird app.

This smart door intercom will go into series production in Fall 2020 and can be pre-ordered now, says the manufacturer.