Wireless Home, a custom A/V and home control dealer in Naples, Fla., redesigned its 2,000-sqaure-foot location to create what manufacturer Exceptional Innovation (EI) calls “the first dedicated showroom” for its Lifeware home automation/entertainment software. The new showroom opened to the public during a series of open house events over the weekend.

EI said the showroom “immerses visitors in a realistic digital living experience, demonstrating how Lifeware connects various in-home subsystem devices.”

“In renovating our showroom, we wanted to immerse our customers in the digital lifestyle and show them the convenience and functionality of having this system in their home,” said Wireless Home President Matt Peters. “Going from room to room, customers can see how Lifeware enables easy control in everything in their home, including lights, security, climate, shades, appliances and entertainment, all through one simple interface.” Environments on site include a bedroom, a media room, an office and a kitchen.

“We are tremendously excited to unveil Wireless Home as the first dedicated Lifeware showroom,” said EI Vice President of Sales Steve Cashman. “By giving customers the ability to experience Lifeware in the home environment, they can see the impact it has on their daily lives. Wireless Home has done an amazing job of portraying that in their new showroom.”

Two-year-old Wireless Home has focused heavily on Windows Media Center-based, IP-friendly installations since it opened; Lifeware runs on Media Center.