Most of the technology that we see creeping its way into different elements of the home, for lack of a better term, just looks bad. More attention is paid to bringing techy functionality to products that either don’t need it, or it’s done in a way that really drags down the actual functionality of product. But that’s not the case with Electric Mirror, a company that exhibited at CES 2019 earlier this year and showed off one of the most unique and well-executed pieces of in-home technology we’ve seen to date.

Electric Mirror creates exactly what you’d expect, mirrors that incorporate electronic elements. Some of their more “basic” products have LED lighting around the borders and ship in various shapes—oval, rectangle, and square. And there’s even some variation in the type of border lighting. Some mirrors offer a small bezel around the outside, others have no bezel, and still others with column lighting on two borders. And then there’s the style of mirror. You could have a traditional over-sink bathroom mirror, a makeup mirror, their wardrobe mirrors, fog free mirrors for in the shower, and more.

But to truly understand where a brand like Electric Mirror is innovating, you only need to look as far as their TV mirrors and Savvy Smart Mirror collection.

The TV mirror is exactly what it sounds like—a mirror with a TV in it. Additionally, the brand offers entertainment mirrors in sizes up to 78 inches, as well as mirror covers for the TV mounted on the wall in your living room that you’re trying to hide.

In a recent visit to the Flow Bath and Kitchen Design Studio just outside Philadelphia, we saw the Bathroom TV Mirror firsthand. In a rather bright showroom setting—and with no adjustments made to the TV’s settings—the display was a little difficult to see, but it was certainly there. And, in fact, that lighting environment showed just how non-invasive the TV was in relation to the mirror itself. The glass over the display (or integrated into the display?) was practically see through and functioned as you’d expect a mirror would.

The Savvy Mirror collection is where the real fun happens with Electric Mirror, though. With this line, the brand essentially integrates a working tablet with a mirror display right into their various mirror designs. But this isn’t just any handheld device. Rather, you’re looking at a 22-inch display that you can also look right into while shaving your beard or plucking your eyebrows.

It’s all about the smarts with this mirror line and the way it integrates into the wider smart home ecosystem. As an Android-based device, the user can access just about everything they’d expect on a standard Android tablet—including those smart home apps like Nest, Ecobee, Philips Hue, Honeywell, Vivint, Ring, and more. And, of course, you can get on social media, check in on your schedule, monitor traffic and the weather, and more—all while getting ready to head out to work in the morning.

In everything we’ve seen covering this luxury design and technology space, there may be no better example of how close together these industries have moved. There’s for sure no better singular product out there that can speak to the blending of technology and design than Electric Mirror’s Savvy line. They take what could have been a very gimmicky concept and turned it around to produce a solution that’s both smart and functional.