Through a variety of colors, intensities, and encasings, lighting can truly play a critical role in creating the desired atmosphere in a space. The possibilities for what light can achieve are endless, and with the right execution, it can serve a greater purpose than just allowing us to see.

ARI, by Marco Spatti and Marco Pietro Ricci

Fabbian’s 2019 Euroluce line has created breathtaking displays of art through glass that not only illuminate a room, but also serve as a focal point in any space. Chosen for its charm and unlimited technical and expressive potential, the glass displays are versatile in both their appearance and function. The nine pieces that make up the line consist of wall-mounted lamps and pendants designed to appear as works of art.

AMULETTE, by Bernhardt&Vella
SPIN-BO, by Gio Minelli & Marco Fossati

Each piece was inspired by an up-and-coming designer as well as an established name in the international lighting scene. The collection includes the work of: Bernhardt&Vella, Marco Spatti and Marco Pietro Ricci, Giovanni Barbato, Gregorio Facco, Gio Minelli & Marco Fossati, Roberto Giacomucci.

Beyond their outward appearance, the light fixtures are backed by reliable technology, which is at the heart of the Veneto, Italy design firm. And the Euroluce line is just the beginning for Fabbian. The company announced plans to release even more products in 2020 as part of its rebranding efforts.