Manufacturers Paradigm and Martin Logan received the first shipments of Fusion Research’s Ovation Play-Fi™ Server last week. Both are partners with fellow manufacturer, Fusion Research, and will be offering the latest in Ovation Play-Fi Servers. The Play-Fi Server showcases Ovation’s developing technology as the Server allows control systems access to DTS™ platform. Ovation’s music setup, configuration, and support tools have been entirely enhanced and upgraded with the inclusion of a new iTunes synchronization feature.

Fusion_Horizontal-GreyThe Play-Fi Server makes for a more user-friendly experience. “We wanted to take the opportunity to make it even easier and faster for dealers to install our products,” Fusion Research’s VP of Sales Ingo Schmoldt said in a statement. “Now that the Ovation line of products is entering its fourth year of production, the continued development is really paying off in a very polished and finished product.”

The Play-Fi™ Server is a six source piece with two analog and one digital output in addition to three independent Play-Fi™ outputs. The system is designed to support both 100% wireless Play-Fi™ environments as well as hybrid installations where a conventional wired distributed audio setup is augmented with wireless in some zone.

Another new feature is the fact that both Control4 and RTI systems can now control Play-Fi devices.

The product will retail for $995 and will be available to dealers through distribution as well as Play-Fi™ partners and their distributors including: Paradigm, Definitive Technology, Martin Login and Polk.

Fusion Research is a leading manufacturer of media servers and supports Blu-ray, DVDs, music and streaming media. Their products have received numerous awards and industry recognition.