In the March 2009 issue, Gramophone, of Timonium, Md., was honored with CustomRetailer’s Customer Satisfaction Award! This feature began in June 2008, honoring custom integrators who have exemplified excellence in serving customers.The final award winner was featured in the June 2009 issue. Take a look at why Gramophone is one of CR’s award recipients.

It can be daunting for consumers to confront technology with which they are not familiar. And it can be easy for custom integrators to get carried away explaining all the options involved with home automation such as lighting control. But the folks at Gramophone saw Dr. and Mrs. Orlando’s home as an opportunity to introduce enormous possibilities while teaching them that lights weren’t just meant to go on or off without overwhelming them. With their patience, attentiveness and high level of skill, the Gramophone team not only impressed the Orlandos, but landed customers for life—customers who are spreading the good news about their new lighting control system to their envious friends.

Congratulations, Gramophone!

4 W. Aylesbury Rd.
Timonium, MD 21093

This letter is to thank you for our new Lutron and Crestron products that are making life so enjoyable for us in our new home.

The lighting plan is rather elaborate with ceiling lighting in all of the rooms as well as the necessary outlets for floor and table lamps. The exterior lighting for our home includes three porches plus landscape lighting. Because of the expertise of Jeff Nale and the entire Gramophone team, the integration of the lighting is quite unique.

From the outset, Jeff spent many hours during the daylight, evening and night hours to go over the percentage of lighting in each aspect of each room. For example, the living room, dining room, study and kitchen ceiling lights are set for illuminations per room considering such things as “Art”, “Sconces”, “Cabinets”, “Desk”, “Island”, “Sink”. The master bath has 5 areas of lighting, each set to different areas of illuminations for various times of day, evening and even the middle of the night. Jeff helped us utilize the Lutron capabilities in ways we didn’t think of before. Even the exterior lighting has its own characteristics to create a beautiful ambiance.

On several occasions, Jeff came to our home before our guests arrived so that we could have a handle of how to adjust the lighting for dinner and for entertainment in each room.

Jeff has always said that we can call him at home or at work at any time and he would be here for us. Whenever we need clarification on how a system works best, he does not just tell us, he comes to our home to show us. Jeff and the team have made our experience with Lutron and Crestron enjoyable and positive.

Not only have the systems added to the value of our home, they have added to the enjoyment of just being at home. We are realizing our simple philosophy that “Lighting should be felt and not seen.”

We have already recommended Gramophone to our friends and colleagues, especially those who are planning to build or remodel their homes. With so many aspects of lighting and sound, consideration of these things is imperative from the very beginning.

Thank you not only for your expertise in technical aspects, but also your kindness and friendship in an ongoing basis with a homeowner who has never experienced these systems before.

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Orlando
Towson, MD