HP SEBO by SEBO KitH-P Products entered into a distribution agreement with German-based company SEBO to provide U.S. central vacuum dealers with two new electric powerheads. SEBO’s Acclaim models weight less than six pounds each and are designed for longevity, versatility, and ease-of-use, H-P Products explained in a statement.

The Acclaim 12 and Acclaim 15 electric powerheads produce 2700 RPMs of brush speed and can be set to four different height levels to suck up debris on a variety of carpet and flooring surfaces. And a 180-degree swivel neck design affords both models “exceptional edge cleaning and maneuverability.”

What qualifies the Acclaim 12 and 15 as smart vacuums is the ability for the devices to self-diagnose potential performance and maintenance issues, which will trigger an automatic shutoff process to protect the brush, belt, and motor in the event of a jam in the brush roller. Similar to a printer, the units come with an indicator light that will start flashing to alert the user of a jam, incorrect height setting, or when the brush roller needs to be replaced.

“Our central vacuum systems are designed to provide a lifetime of convenient, deep cleaning power, so the accessories we pair with them need to be equally effective and resilient,” Sarah Busch, marketing manager for H-P Products, said in a statement. “This distribution agreement with SEBO is a major win for our dealers and their customers because it gives them a premium powerhead option that’s extremely powerful and easy to maintain.”

H-P Products offers the new Acclaim by SEBO powerheads with a five-year warranty.