“What we have in mind for this industry is better tools, better training, better programs, better integrated products… We believe in this industry, and are fully dependent on the success of this industry.”

L. to r.: Charlie Kindel, Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO); John Heyman, CEO; Brad Hintze, End Customer Marketing; and G Paul Hess, Marketing and Category Management

So commented SnapAV CEO John Heyman at a media dinner held at CEDIA Expo 2019 designed to celebrate the SnapAV-Control4 merger and the custom installation industry – and to underscore his company’s confidence in its continued vitality. “The wind is at this industry’s back, despite all the talk of DIY, people need professionals to do installation in their homes, if the want it done properly. The industry needs partners like us, singularly focused on this industry – and we’ve proven our dedication by the investments we’ve made.”

He pointed to the synergies brought to the fore with the merger – namely, combining SnapAV, a company that was started as an ecommerce site 15 years ago “built by integrators for the integrator community for a market that was treated as a niche market” with a company that is enabling it to “get into something we’d stayed away from for 15 years: the smart home platform. So we found a company already best in the world at it: Control4.” And he emphasized that the focus will continue to be trained on home integration.

The company’s CEDIA footprint, added Charlie Kindel, chief product & technology officer (CTPO), was marked by a wide-ranging presence including 1,500 new products among the 4,700 “ideated and shipped for this industry.”

In a CEDIA Expo press release, Heyman stated: “This industry represents a massive global opportunity, and we’re excited that we are providing these new products and advancements for our dealers so quickly – in just over one month as a combined company. We look forward to connecting with dealers at the show as SnapAV works to become their one-stop shop.”