Long Island, N.Y.-based HiFrame, whose mantra is “Your Television Hidden by Design,” used the venue of the recent NATM vendor show to show dealers several of its many framed and frameless concepts for making televisions of any brand blend aesthetically in tune with the luxury homes they inhabit.

Two examples were on exhibit there. The company’s Horizontal Glass Strip design uses custom-color-matched glass overlay that serves as a virtual frame for the TV. Its Razar frameless mirror employs Italian-made reflective glass whose coloration impurities have been removed so that the TV image is unaffected.

Its standard designs are available for up to 65-inch TVs but custom orders can be accommodated for larger sizes, and for either residential or commercial applications, the company says.

HiFrame’s president, Eric Smith, is also president of the Hicksville, N.Y. technology integration company Intech (Intelligent Entertainment Technology).