HYPER MIRROR recently announced the launch of its latest streaming solution. For the first time, consumers can enjoy the speed, stability and quality of mm-Wave technology for business and home use. This leading-edge technology makes wireless streaming from devices to TVs, monitors and projectors fast, simple and high-performance, giving users better options for video conferencing, gaming and entertainment on bigger screens. HYPER MIRROR is available now with launch-day discounts here

HYPER MIRROR achieves its incredible speed and data throughput by utilizing mm-Wave (AKA EHF) technology that is normally found in 5G networks. Compared with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming, EHF allows more content transmission at faster speed with more stable connection and ultimately higher quality. This range of frequencies provides the high speeds needed to tackle data-heavy applications such as streaming video, gaming and VR. Until now, these types of systems have been expensive and complicated but HYPER MIRROR makes it easy to connect a smartphone to any HDMI-ready TVs and monitors for instant screen mirroring.   

“Today, smartphones are a personal nexus of business, entertainment and communication. But getting work done or enjoying multimedia on a small screen is inefficient and difficult. What is needed is an affordable cross-platform solution that allows users to mirror their personal devices onto any big screen with ease. HYPER MIRROR does just that, giving users a pocket-sized, plug-and-play method to connect their phone to TVs and monitors in seconds without the need for cables. Best of all, it utilizes the latest mm-Wave tech to deliver a latency-free, crystal-clear output that is perfect for business, makes movies look better and provides a perfect gaming experience. HYPER MIRROR does it all,” said Edson Rabkin, CEO, HYPER MIRROR.

HYPER MIRROR does not require any Wi-Fi connection. Patented mm-Wave technology allows wireless plug-and-play on any device. It connects seamlessly without the need for additional apps or complicated setups. The connection is super-stable, casts content to virtually any big screen in cinema quality and has no lag, something that serious gamers will appreciate. With plug-and-play convenience, it also makes a great presentation tool for business when connected to a projector for meetings and events.