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Ihiji has announced it will launch its new Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, the Ihiji ServiceManager at Integrated Systems Europe 2016, February 9 – 12 in Amsterdam at the Control4 stand #10-N114.

The Ihiji Service Manager is designed to help systems integrators, security monitoring firms and other companies and trades make their businesses more productive and profitable by giving professionals the tools they need to set up and maintain bottom-line-boosting recurring revenue service plans.

“As we regularly on-board new integrators and work with existing Ihiji dealers on making their businesses more productive with the Ihiji Invision remote network management platform, we’ve learned a lot about what has been holding them back from executing potentially profitable recurring monthly revenue service plans,” Ihiji CEO, Stuart Rench, said in a statement.

“Ihiji ServiceManager addresses those barriers to entry for integrators, opening up the platform for use by any technology company that delivers monthly services to their clients.”

The Ihiji ServiceManager is designed to allow integrators to set up and store service-plan information and data on all clients and sites, as well as access it through a single, cloud-based system. Features of the Ihiji ServiceManager include: 

  • Contact management
  • Service plan management
  • RMR billing
  • Technical support tracking
  • Centralized project documentation

The Ihiji ServiceManager is also intended to help manage and track service level agreements, device and network documentation, recent client activity, ticketing, passwords and customer contact information. It contains a centralized service documentation repository, which can contain files such as installation notes and CAD designs.

The Ihiji ServiceManager intends to soon provide current Ihiji Invision users access to a single, integrated user interface for both services. For Invision users, this is intended to help further simplify the remote network management process. This integration is also intended to help administrators manage user access across the various types of employees who use each of these services within their organization.

Ihiji ServiceManager is a new SaaS solution that enables business owners to improve and profitably expand their businesses while significantly reducing the operational headaches associated with running a services business,” Rench also stated. “Best of all, at the end of every single month, firms utilizing Ihiji ServiceManager get paid for their hard work.”

The Ihiji ServiceManager won a number of awards including a CEDIA Manufacturers Excellence Award for Best New Product at its US debut last fall.

Ihiji is being represented in the UK by Habitech and will be showcased by Ihiji executives including founders CEO, Stuart Rench, and VP of Technology, Michael Maniscalco, during ISE.

Ihjii provides cloud-based SaaS solutions aimed at empowering systems integrators and technology professionals to deliver cost-effective and remote network management services to their clients.