In the April 2009 issue, The Little Guys, of Glenwood, Ill., was honored with CustomRetailer’s Customer Satisfaction Award! This feature began in June 2008, honoring custom integrators who have exemplified excellence in serving customers. The final award winner was featured in the June 2009 issue. Take a look at why The Little Guys is one of CR’s award recipients.

We’ve said before in this column that it doesn’t take much to impress a client. A genuine interest in solving the problem, a positive attitude and confidence is sometimes all it takes (mind you, we didn’t say the lowest price!). And this month’s Customer Satisfaction Winner proved our case once more.

Brian Madsen, from The Little Guys in Glenwood, Ill., became a trusted source for Ann Dolph and her father, who, at 91 years young, thought it time for a new TV. Madsen didn’t make the sale on the first try, but he left an impression with the customers that, coupled with The Little Guys’ exemplary product offerings, brought them back.

Madsen not only clinched the sale of one TV, but three total! We all learned a lesson from The Little Guys, and we congratulate them.

Congratulations, Little Guys!

David Wexler
The Little Guys
Glenwood, IL 60425

My father, who is 91 years old, decided he wanted a new TV. I suggested your store. When we arrived, Brian Madsen took the time and patience to answer our questions and explain the options. We decided on the Sony 32 inch XRB LCD HDTV. Brian also explained that your delivery folks bring the Comcast HD box and that when the delivery people leave, we just have to turn on the TV and cable is operative. A nice service!

After that first day we looked around at some other stores at the same model number. We decided based on your price, your ability to set up the Comcast cable and on Brian’s helpfulness to buy my father’s TV from Little Guys. We returned on Friday 1/11 and began talking to Brian, finalizing the details for my dad’s TV and then I decided to buy the same model for myself, and before we got through, we bought a third one for my brother. Brian sold us 3 TVs.

My father’s TV was delivered on Tuesday 1/15. By Wednesday we had managed to get the new TV to a place where it didn’t have a picture. I worked with the remote for awhile and had the instruction booklets strewn over the table and was getting a headache.

I called and talked to Brian and he said no problem, he was leaving on lunch and he would come to our house and take care of our problem. He arrived about 20 minutes later and spent maybe 10 minutes with the remote and voila there was the picture! He explained what to do in case it happens again. Brian’s customer service makes The Little Guys a place we will return to and also a place that we will recommend.

Thanks again to Brian and to The Little Guys!

Ann Dolph
Homewood, Ill.