In the May 2009 issue, Theater Advice, of Dallas, Texas, was honored with CustomRetailer’s Customer Satisfaction Award! This feature began in June 2008, honoring custom integrators who have exemplified excellence in serving customers.The final award winner was featured in the June 2009 issue. Take a look at why Theater Advice is one of CR’s award recipients.

When you are passionate about this business, as all of you are, it’s easy to convey enthusiasm about custom installations. At CustomRetailer, we share this enthusiasm, but it is a whole different situation when you’re pitching potential clients.

It takes a highly polished salesperson to exude this zeal, while not intimidating consumers or giving them the impression you are taking advantage of them. At Theater Advice, CEO David Huse and his team have mastered this process—blending passion, skill and attentiveness into every potential sale.

In the case illustrated below, it resulted in an overjoyed client who received a home audio system he desired with guidance, expertise and support from Theater Advice…an experience we all strive to provide.

Congratulations, Theater Advice!

Mr. David Huse, CEO
Theater Advice
Dallas, Texas


I am writing to thank you for your services in helping me select speakers, a subwoofer, and a pre-amp and amp for my home audio, and for the great installation and follow-up on these items. I am extremely pleased with the Martin Logan Vantage speakers, the Parasound amp and pre-amp and the Velodyne subwoofer. The sound is exactly as you described it would be!

When I first contacted you and expressed some confusion on what upgrades would best benefit my system, you said to me “Let me remove the confusion.” You did that and even more. I like the way you guided me through the options and respected my opinions on what I wanted to do. I never felt “pressured” in any way, but I did always feel comfortable that you were providing me with the information I needed to be an informed consumer. You came to my house and looked at my existing system, then followed up with some options for upgrades. Once I made my selections, you ordered the equipment in a timely manner and always kept me informed as to its tracking progress and installation date.

You and Tom showed up at my home when you said you would, installed the equipment in a very professional manner (I love Tom’s attention to detail), and then stayed to calibrate the sound and video. You improved the quality of my television picture even though what I had purchased was audio equipment. I was also impressed when you let me listen for a few days and then came back out to see if I wanted any adjustments to the sound quality. I appreciate the ear for technical sound quality that you have.

I mentioned when we first started this process that I was impressed by your professionalism and customer service orientation. That is especially true now that we are finished with the installation. I sit and smile every time I listen to the audio. I now appreciate the center channel that I was under utilizing in the past. You pointed out where the “holes” were in my system and how to address those. You were on target with every recommendation. Consider me a very pleased consumer! Please feel free to refer potential customers to me in the future if they have questions about your company.

Gary Hodge
Plano, Texas