Custom integrators welcome a challenge like anyone else, but when it comes to installation, easier is always better. The easier the manufacturer makes a product for installation, the faster custom integrators can get to their next job. It also helps them to be better prepared to please clients and secure additional projects.

At Jamo, veteran loudspeaker artisans have not only accepted this challenge, but surpassed even their own expectations with the new custom in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers—the 600 and 400 series.

“They are faster to install than anything else,” says Steen Michaelsen, Jamo’s director of marketing. “All you have to do is just cut one hole and screw the speaker in.”

Easy installation was just one feature atop a tall order that Jamo devised for these speakers.

“Our vision was to recreate the sound of our award-winning box loudspeakers in our new custom install program,” says Michaelsen. “And we feel pretty good about them because not only are they a substantial step above what we had before, but they also incorporate technologies we use in our concert speakers—decoupled tweeter technology [DTT] and cone technologies, which provide the sound quality that we were looking for.”

The most important feature of the 600 and 400 series, according to Michaelsen, is the acoustic aim, which allows the speakers to be placed almost anywhere on the wall or in the ceiling while preserving optimal sound quality. This gives installers more placement options and makes it easier for them to “satisfy the customers’ wishes,” notes Michaelsen.

Both lines feature a one-piece baffle and bridge design that serves as a handle to hold the speaker in place during attachment. The magnetic white grille, which can be painted, snaps into place over the baffle.

The 600 series features DTT silk dome tweeters and woofers with high-end fiberglass/cotton honeycomb/fiberglass composite drivers. The IW 606 and IW 608 models feature SoundAngle technology, which makes it possible to angle sound 30 degrees downward.

The 400 series features high-performance titanium dome tweeters and ultra-durable Kevlar subwoofers. The IW 406 and IW 408 models also include the SoundAngle technology.

Jamo’s 35 years of serving the custom design entertainment niche around the globe serves as daily market research into installer and consumer preferences. Tackling the tastes and design quirks of various international regions is a challenge Michaelsen believes the company has met and overcome.

The 600 and 400 custom speaker lines are priced from $299 to $899 (U.S. MSRP) each. For information on all models within this series, go to