As businesses around the country reopen amid the ongoing pandemic, LG Business Solutions USA has expanded its suite of health protocol solutions with new digital signage packages that give businesses platforms through which they can provide information, guidance, wayfinding and interactive experiences. LG partnered with other technology leaders to offer an array of new digital signage options including wellness kiosks, occupancy management systems, portable battery-operated solutions, and even contact-less interactive digital signage displays. The solutions combine LG display and advanced software and sensors for occupancy management, temperature screening, public health announcements, and more, says the company.

“Digital signage solutions are enabling businesses to be flexible and accommodating while the nation responds to changing public health guidance and varying in-store regulations,” said Dan Smith, vice president of business development, LG Business Solutions USA.

“These purpose-built digital signage solutions combine LG’s leading displays with the industry’s top sensors and software,” he said. They’re designed to help retail stores, schools, transit centers and public venues address specific needs that are unique to the current consumer environment, including greater information sharing, customer health monitoring and occupancy tracking.”

Occupancy Management Solutions

Many retail stores and public venues have begun tracking real-time occupancy to abide by local and internal policies. The new Occupancy Management Solutions integrating LG displays can reduce staff workload by automatically tracking when customers enter and exit while providing guidance to incoming customers. This eliminates the need to place employees in close proximity to customers at each entrance. At the heart of the occupancy systems are 49- and 55-inch LG displays married with a separate media player that helps manage inflow by updating arriving customers to wait times or current store occupancy.

For high-traffic restrooms in transit centers or public venues, a new SmartRestroom solution informs users of the bathroom’s current occupancy and cleaning status. The system uses external sensors and LG’s webOS Signage platform to automatically detect and relay occupancy information to custodians through a push-alert when a cleaning is required, based on usage. The system is built around a 32-inch LG display that mounts outside the bathroom entrance.

Health Protocol Signage Solutions

Property managers and owners of retail stores, hospitality venues, schools and colleges are dealing with ever-changing local regulations and corporate policies, experimenting with new layouts, and doing their best to make customers and visitors feel safe and informed. During this time, ubiquitous digital signage is crucial to clearly communicate rules and limit staff interaction with customers, whether it’s located in the store’s windows, in an aisle, next to a product display, at a register or anywhere else.

For flexibility and convenience, the Portable A-Frame Display Solution combines a 32-inch webOS Signage display, an optional on-board battery and either a folding base or a rolling base to allow relocation at a moment’s notice. The LG display is mounted vertically to match the width of the base and allow un-intrusive placement in foot traffic zones.

For bigger needs, LG has launched a series of standard and high-brightness solutions that are available in 49-inch and 55-inch display sizes, complete with a Peerless-AV SmartMount Flat Panel Cart for simple and flexible placement.

Contact-less Interactive Solutions

For interactive displays in retail and public venues without using touchscreens, a number of contact-less interactive solutions that allow customers to connect with on-screen digital content through mobile device links or voice controls is now available through LG’s health solutions page. With contact-less interactive solutions, businesses can continue to foster close-knit customer interactions, while showing their commitment to providing safe, healthy shopping experiences. Packages are customizable, built around virtually any LG Signage display to fit specific needs.

LG’s Health Protocol Solutions digital signage packages are available now through select LG Business Solutions distribution partners.

(An LG wellness station is shown)