LG has a penchant for the grandiose when it comes to their desire to show off the impact of their technology on consumers’ daily lives. Typically we see that in the form of awe-inspiring booths at trade shows that are decked out with the company’s latest appliances, TVs, and more, each with some added element of luxury and elegance. As impressive as the company’s presence can be, it gets taken to another level when LG hits the road for its annual InnoFest roadshow—a multi-continent tour aimed at showing those same products off in a more intimate setting for regional retailers, press, and LG business partners.

The company recently wrapped up an InnoFest stop in Sydney, Australia, where it showed off a brand new concept of customer service throughout the entire home, all tied into its connected appliances and artificial intelligence capabilities. LG Home is the name of that next-level service, which is geared towards consumers seeking a premium lifestyle service in nearly every room in the home.

To properly demonstrate the potential impact of LG Home, the company had to essentially take over a luxurious Sydney mansion for the two-day event. There, LG’s guests were able to see how the company is able to connect the kitchen to the living room, to outdoor spaces, and more, all while creating an experience within the home that’s customized to each member of the family. Of course, this is primarily based around LG’s ThinQ artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, which allows LG home appliances to offer a personalized, constantly evolving user experience based on what ThinQ is able to learn about each individual user over time.

Of course, the experience can be driven by mobile apps and voice commands. But through the demonstration, LG intended to show how its smart services are able to share information between devices in order to make daily chores, like laundry and meal prep, easier for the consumer.

With ThinQ driving the experience in the LG Home in Sydney, visitors were able to see first-hand how the company’s products—from the V50 and G8 ThinQ smartphones, to the new HomeBrew craft beer maker, to the 2019 line of OLED TVs, its latest connected appliances, and more—interact with one another and can influence a homeowner’s daily routine.

The InnoFest roadshow will continue in the coming weeks, with upcoming stops scheduled in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.