LG Electronics and Foster + Partners are combining the two world’s of technology and spatial design through an art installation centered on the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R. The rollable OLED TV bears the name “Redefining Space” to demonstrate the product’s versatility in various surroundings.

With the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R at its core, the Redefining Space installation will highlight how light, technology, and design blend to form new spatial possibilities with technology. The philosophy behind the design was to offer users an alternative to typical TV placements, and allow for “freedom from walls.” British architecture and design firm, Foster + Partners worked closely alongside LG throughout the production of the rollable OLED TV to create its external geometry, finish, and specific internal mechanics.

The three-dimensional interpretation is capable of completely switching gears at the touch of a button. LG’s futuristic TV can transform a space into a large-screen home cinema when in Full View Mode yet it also possesses the power to create an art showcase when in Zero View. LG’s OLED display technology paired with the life-like sound of Dolby Atmos gives users an unmatched sight and sound experience.

Designed to represent both a residence and a gallery, the rollable OLED TV incorporates several details that make each category come to life. Window-like cutouts in the walls of the installation allow for light to pass through giving users a sense of time. LG also wanted the product to incorporate its core value of “technology adapting to the rhythms of life.” To accomplish this, the display unfurls when its environment is buzzing with colors and sounds, but disappears when the light and noises fade.

Originally introduced at CES 2019, the Redefining Space installation has now made its way to Milan Design Week at Superstudio Più in Milan, Italy. The rollable OLED TV will be on display there from April 9-14.