LED lighting manufacturer Loxone announced that it is expanding its portfolio of LED fixtures. The 10-year-old Philadelphia-based company introduced new LED Spots, Ceiling Lights, and Pendulum Slims into the U.S. market—all of which carry the company’s promise of reducing energy costs and lasting for up to 25 years. The trio of new fixtures work together and alongside other Loxone smart home products to help transform a space with customizable lighting moods, tunable white lighting effects, true automation, and minimal user interaction.

The LED Spots are the newest product to be included in the announcement. In the statement, Loxone explained that the LED Spots RGBW Tree provides directional, warm white light and diffused colored light. The fixture is just 1.6-inches deep while sporting a built-in dimmer, IC rating, and Loxone’s four-wire Tree technology—which means wiring and installation is easy for the integrator.

“With the highly anticipated arrival of the LED Spots,” Loxone US CEO Florian Woess said in the statement. “Loxone is establishing its strength in the fastest growing industry trend by equipping integrators with novelty fixtures. People are realizing the effects of true smart lighting and its increasing demand, as orders are already filling up to implement these Loxone lighting fixtures in smart home projects nationwide.”

Loxone's Pendulum Slims
The Pendulum Slims

The Ceiling Light is designed to fill a room with optimal lighting and features both built-in motion and brightness sensors, and it doubles as a home security device with the built-in burglar alarm. As for the LED Pendulum Slims, they’re said to be best utilized as accent lighting where they can add “a touch of style” while creating the perfect in-home atmosphere.

The manufacturer said that its Flexible Tree wiring interface allows for independent control over the lighting system while also giving the integrator or user the ability to add other fixtures into the system down the road. The Loxone Miniserver then brings the whole system together to ensure “effortless, reliable communication” between the various smart home products in the home, including lighting, HVAC, security, multimedia, and more.

Integrators can access to these low voltage lighting solutions at a price point that starts under $100 for Loxone Partners.