The IntelliControl ICS (Integrated Control Solutions) whole-house audio system, the first major product initiative from Niles Audio in the year since it became part of the Linear group, has begun shipping to around 600 select factory-authorized dealers of the brand’s total distribution network of about 1,100, says Mike Detmer, vice president of sales and marketing.

“The system does not require programming, but rather configuration using a PC running Windows XP,” says Niles President Frank K. Sterns, who adds that the rollout is limited to “reputable dealers who can service the type of customer for this. We’ve targeted it toward semi-custom and custom home installation, and we wanted to make sure that it is presented appropriately to preserve the integrity of our brand.”

The six-zone/six-source system includes the GXR2 multi-zone receiver ($2,795), which serves as the receptacle for up to six interchangeable source-card modules, available separately. The cards include standard AM/FM, XM, Sirius and iPod modules ranging in price from $199 to $599 each; Sterns says plans are afoot eventually to make an HD Radio card available. The receiver can also act as master to as many as four additional GXR2s that would act as slaves and increase the zone count to a maximum of 30.