Who doesn’t love a good podcast in 2019, am I right? For anyone in the homebuilding industry—whether that’s architects, designers, custom integrators, and so on—the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s KBTalks podcast should be near, or at, the top of your list for must-listens. The NKBA-produced podcast dives into all things related to residential kitchens and baths and features in-depth conversations on all sorts of k-and-b topics—from business strategies and trends, to tech innovations, and more.

Karl-Champley-HeadshotAnd, just recently, NKBA announced that it’s expanding the podcast to include a second host. Karl Champley, an award-winning master builder, designer, and frequent TV and radio personality, will join Jennifer Bertrand, AKBD, as the two will share hosting duties for the podcast.

An Australian native, Champley has worked in the industry for more than 35 years, designing everything from homes to colleges, libraries, restaurants, fire stations, and more. NKBA ensured listeners that Champley’s passionate, no-nonsense approach to home improvement, which has earned him a great deal of respect throughout the industry, will shine through as he takes on the duties of being a host for the successful podcast.

“We’re thrilled to have Karl on board as one of the hosts of KBTalks,” Suzie Williford, chief strategy officer and executive vice president of industry relations for the association, said in a statement. “Karl is a longtime NKBA member and a true industry leader. With his wealth of industry knowledge, he will bring a unique perspective to the conversation.”

Catch the published author’s first episode on the KBTalks podcast wherever you get your podcasts.