BlueBOLT is a cloud-based control platform, and Panamax/Furman was excited to demonstrate it’s new and more intuitive user-interface at CEDIA Expo.

In the previous interface, users had to control systems by outlet, and it could be difficult to remember how an integrator had set it up. The new interface allows control by device, making it much more user friendly. It is also easier for integrators who can reboot remotely, solving many issues without needing to make a home visit.

The system can also bring big savings. Users can set a budget, schedule tasks for conservation during business off hours, and BlueBOLT feedback and features can lead to significant savings.

Mike Capalety, founder of Capalety Digital Media, explains his hands-on experience with BlueBOLT in one integration project.

“We used BlueBOLT products in a light commercial installation of a medical office. This particular client is a chiropractor whose offices are open 5 hours a day, 4 days a week. Because it would take so long for equipment to power up in the morning, they needed to leave everything on 24-7. Equipment such as spinal decompression machines, X-Ray machines, and large video panels consume a tremendous amount of electricity even while not in use. By using BlueBOLT’s scheduled conservation features to power equipment down during off hours and bringing it back online an hour before the offices open – along with implementing some best practices in shutting down computers and ancillary equipment around the office – we have been able to realize significant energy savings without disrupting workflow. In fact, this client is now paying nearly $1000 less to their utility bill every single month.”

There are currently approximately 2000 certified BlueBOLT dealers. And via Zigbee, BlueBOLT is preparing for a future with a smartgrid where it is directly connected to utilities, for even more savings.

Panamax also showed a Zigbee box that can plug into any double outlet, and talks wirelessly with the control system. The box will be available in the first quarter for $99.