Petra Industries, a consumer technology and wholesale electronics distributor, has announced a new partnership with EazzyProducts to distribute their EazzyPress.

The EazzyPress is an innovative portable clothes press that operates without the need of an ironing board. EazzyPress seeks to simplify consumer lifestyles by offering a quicker, simpler way of ironing and pressing garments.

“Houseware continues to be a booming vertical,” said Tate Morgan, Petra President. “We are always seeking new ways to expand into the housewares market, and we believe we’ve found a winner with EazzyPress. It’s a smart product that appeals to number of consumers, and it should be a big success among our customers.”

The ingenious design of the EazzyPress allows users to iron both sides of a garment at the same time—with no ironing board necessary. It features adjustable heat settings like a traditional iron, but is a quicker, streamlined alternative for fast-paced consumer lifestyles. The EazzyPress is packaged with a travel bag, water spray bottle, and over-door hanger.

Learn more about EazzyPress at PetraCentral™.

About Petra

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