Ravya has introduced a new lineup called Rayva Complete Solutions, allowing dealers to install any equipment into the turnkey home theater solution. Categorized as Gold, Bronze, or Silver performance packages, and complemented by world-class designs curated by Rayva’s Executive Director Theo Kalomirakis, Rayva has eliminated critical barriers, making it easier than ever for integrators to sell and install home theaters while achieving marketplace differentiation and optimal margin potential.

Essentially, when dealers sell and install Rayva Complete Solutions, Rayva will provide the specifications, designs, and engineering documentation, along with customized interiors that merge aesthetics with optimal acoustics that together create a genuine experience engineered to the same performance standards as the best cinema spaces in Hollywood. Rayva is changing the way integrators think of home theaters, turning a private cinema into a product that’s easy to sell and install, rather than a project fraught with complications. 

With the new Rayva Complete Solutions comes a simplified approach to selling home theaters. Dealers can now “Bring Their Own Gear,” to maintain effective supplier relationships, meet the client’s budget, and deliver an experience worthy of Rayva’s Best-in-Class designation. Dealers also have the option to leverage Rayva’s extensive industry partnerships to select products from lines they may not otherwise have access to. Facilitating a flexible purchasing model, Rayva allows dealers to maintain control over the brands and products they install and support to preserve margins while working with the products they know and trust.

“Dealers who sell Rayva Complete Solutions are no longer locked into specific brands or products,” says Rayva President George Walter. “Dealers are welcome to take advantage of our relationships by purchasing directly through Rayva, but the decision is now theirs to make. By eliminating barriers, we’re making it easier than ever for dealers to engage with Rayva without sacrificing the relationships dealers have developed with buying groups,  manufacturers, or distributors.” 

Also now available as part of the Rayva Complete Solutions offering are numerous new designs by artists from around the world. “These designs break from tradition to bring new vitality to the field of home entertainment design,” Kalomirakis said. These distinctive designs, which are both aesthetically pleasing and acoustically tuned, set Rayvatheaters apart, infusing personality and life into the spaces without the costs typically associated with a custom home theater design.

To further aid dealers in selling Rayva’s pre-configured, customizable home theater packages, Rayva has introduced a proprietary online configurator. Dealers or customers can select from a variety of room parameters and design features, and the app generates a complete home theater proposal in seconds. The client can then experience their dream theater before committing to the project by taking a 3D, virtual reality walk-through of the space.

Rayva makes it easy for integrators to professionally present Home Theater solutions to their clients and create accurate budget estimates,” says Rayva President George Walter. “We further simplify the installation of home theaters by approaching each cinema as a product rather than a project, eliminating the many complications that come with home theater design and installation. The Rayva team and our rep force partners live and breathe home theater, and we’re here to help others find greater success in the category. Call us at (844) 467-2982 or email info@rayva.com to discuss what’s possible with Rayva.”