Rayva’s Light Edge theater interior


Rayva, which specializes in providing turnkey, engineered home theaters, has a further goal: making inroads with the design community. And, as they tell it, there’s a strategy behind their newest offering: to show designers the symbiosis possible when they work with integrators who avail themselves of the Rayva business model. These Rayva technology providers can offer homeowners packaged theaters, but there is also a flexibility factor that allows the designer to have a hand in some of the decisions leading to the finished product.

Rayva lets integrators spec equipment by brands they know and trust, and that also meet Rayva’s performance criteria, to be used in one of their theaters – what they call the BYOG (Bring Your Own Gear) approach. The gear selected is then paired with Rayva’s custom-curated designs, acoustical packages, and engineering documentation. Interior designers, for their part, can be involved in selecting acoustical treatments and other aesthetic components of the theater. Together, integrators and designers can then determine the install price and complete the project – with the Rayva team available to help shepherd the project along each step of the way.

“Rayva’s concept is so simple,” says integrator Steve Stary of Brilliant AV in California, referencing Rayva Executive Director Theo Kalomirakis’ curated line of a dozen personalizable interior design options. “The model they’ve created and the addition of BYOG makes it easy for integrators like Brilliant AV to get back into the home theater category but in such a way as to present a product to our customers, and not a convoluted, time-consuming, and expensive project.”

The lineup of Rayva theaters includes Shapes, Movement, Origami, Pulse, and Soundscapes, all available as out-of-the-box solutions, according to the company.

One addition, the Light Edge interior, features modular acoustical panels with inlaid LED lighting that can be changed to suit the mood or décor, and which eliminates light scatter around the room. This addition taps into the fact that lighting has become a leading trend in both the A/V and design industries. Rayva’s acoustical treatments are equally modular and plug-and-play.

How the Rayva Configurator works

How it all works is that integrators order their Rayva theater through the company’s online Configurator tool via a step-by-step process. The Configurator uses CEDIA industry standards for acoustics and certain viewing criteria to optimize seating and establish the appropriate screen size for the chosen space. Once a client is shown the theater plan and signs off on it, the theater is ordered and the space prepped; the integrator then sources the needed gear directly from vendors. The different aspects of the theater Rayva supplies for each project are delivered in kits to the job site, and then installed. Rayva has working relationships with Origin Acoustics, Barco Residential, Stewart Filmscreen, Josh.ai, Kaleidescape, Control4, Fortress Seating, Audio Control, and other leading brands.

According to Rayva, Toni Sabatino, principal of the interior design firm Toni Sabatino Style, recently visited Rayva’s Valhalla, N.Y. showroom to get an understanding of its offerings, and of the benefits it provides the design community.

She observed: “As Rayva demonstrates, now, a home theater can be hidden in plain sight, integrated into your family room, or anywhere you want to watch a movie, concert, play games or simply show off all your cool A/V gear.”