Nationwide Marketing Group has chosen InstallerNet as its exclusive installation service provider. The partnership gives Nationwide members access to roughly 900 installers throughout the country, and it provides Nationwide members with installation capabilities as a source of incremental revenue.

“This helps Nationwide members in so many ways,” said Jeannette Howe, executive director of Specialty Electronics Nationwide. Some of those benefits include:

– Allowing SEN’s group of custom retailers and integrators to form an SEN network of certified installers.

– All Installernet installers are graded through customer satisfaction surveys to ensure quality and must have an established brick-and-mortar presence.

– Nationwide will work with its manufacturer partners to include Installernet installation cards in their product boxes, which will provide installers with deeper promotions and greater reach.

– Installernet services can provide dealers with new services, such as mobile installation, to expand their product offerings.

– Larger Nationwide dealers can participate in a customized private label program that includes their branding on the InstallCards.

The InstallerNet InstallCards cover installation for flat-panel TVs, AV setup, sourround-sound systems, on-wall and in-wall speakers, smart home products, satellite radio, security and surveillance, and mobile AV.

Installernet exclusives to Nationwide members include InstallCards sold on consignment, minimum order of 48 InstallCards, pre-approved $10,000 credit line, reseller window stickers and “Get It Installed” product tags, and an online retail store locator. InstallerNet’s on-site ProTeam is also available for installation sales training.

“In a time when business is slow, we’re trying to bring as many opportunities to dealers as possible,” said Tony Frangiosa, CEO of InstallerNet, based in Andover, Ma.