After attending the CEDIA Expo last year, the team at Ring made a commitment to invest in the dealer community, and they have more than followed through on that promise. Today, Ring and Lutron announced a new collaboration specifically with the custom integration channel in mind.

“When we were sitting there a year ago trying to figure out who we wanted to work with, Lutron was at the top of our list,” says Andrew Vloyanetes, GM of Installed Solutions at Ring.

Though they are still largely a do-it-yourself type of brand, Ring has recently been creating new opportunities to serve consumers that fall into the do-it-for-me segment. One of their latest examples of this is the Ring X Line, which offers premium bundles of Ring products installed by a professional. They also added the Ring Access Controller Pro to their lineup, which allows Ring to interact with gates and access control.

What has been missing from their list though is lighting. Ring truly feels that a well-lit home is a secure home, and Lutron couldn’t agree more. In a homeowners study Lutron conducted last year, they asked people to list the things that kept them from being able to fully unwind on vacation. The answer they received from 73% of participants was that they were concerned about their home looking empty. Through this new collaboration, whenever Ring detects motion or the doorbell rings, Lutron will be able to turn the lights on in a living room, bedroom, patio, etc. to give the façade of someone being home.

“When we talk about smart homes solving problems, to me it’s about peace of mind,” says Melissa Andresko, Chief Corporate Brand Ambassador at Lutron, “The most compelling story to tell is why these products add so much value to your life, your home, and your family.”

The official launch date for Lutron/Ring compatibility begins on September 30, 2020. Users will then be able to log into the Lutron app and set up preferences on how Ring interacts with their Lutron lighting system. All Ring products will be compatible with Lutron, and Lutron has two options for connecting with Ring: Caseta by Lutron or RA2 Select.

To catch the full announcement from Ring and Lutron, visit the Connected Design Facebook page.