For the smart home consumer that has opted to hang their hat on Apple’s in-home platform, there’s now a Savant-made smart thermostat. Savant has introduced a HomeKit-enabled SmartStat thermostat that is both WiFi and Bluetooth ready and was engineered to work as a standalone solution without the need for a centralized smart home ecosystem.

savant smartstat 1Compatible with both standard and heat pump-based HVAC systems, the SmartStat can be simply installed and configured right out of the box through Savant’s standalone Climate app. The product itself is a sleek looking glass touch screen panel that can blend into any room and match nearly any style or décor. From the touchscreen, users can access preset climate “scenes” like vacation, winter, and summer modes, as well as view local weather conditions and forecast data based on their zip code. The preferences, settings, and other basic functions are controllable as well right from the device as well as through the Savant Climate app or the Apple Home app.

The SmartStat thermostat can connect with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor temperature, slab, and humidity sensors. And with HomeKit compatibility, users will be able to control their SmartStat throughout he traditional on-iDevice means as well as through simple Siri commands. HomeKit compatibility also gives users the ability to include the SmartStat in a variety of ways with other connected HomeKit-compatible devices, creating a fully customizable in-home smart home experience.

Pricing and availability of the Savant SmartStat weren’t available at the time of publication, but Savant said they hope to release those details soon. We do know that the product will ship in both black and white and it will be fully upgradable to the Savant Pro system as part of a larger home automation environment.