Just a few months after it’s initial release, Savant has announced a number of major upgrades to its iPad-based configuration and design tool, Savant Studio. Since its launch, Studio—in conjunction with the Savant Central Management portal—has been all about efficiency for the integrator. The company said the new tablet-based tools allow junior techs in the field to manage S2 host-based system configuration, in order to free us senior techs who may need to address more complex assignments.

Building on that theme of efficiency, Savant Studio now features a Smart Behaviors Editor, enabling integrators to create customized workflows. An example might include the ability to raise or lower a motorized lift automatically when a TV is powered on or off, or creating an audible and/or visual alert when the doorbell has been rung. And with its Savant Central Management integration, user preferences like Savant Scenes, customized Pro App photos, and other Studio configuration parameters can all be stored in the cloud for fast and easy access.

savant Studio FPC

The home tech brand also explained that Studio will support a feature that allows the S2 host to create a secure wireless connection to the Savant Pro Remote and other wireless devices without requiring access to the in-home WiFi network—one of the most-frequently requested features from integrators.

“Long considered the premium automation and control solution for the luxury residential market, Savant is now more accessible than ever before to a broader range of smart home consumers through the introduction of our S2 host and Savant Studio,” CEO Robert Madonna said in a statement. “We believe that Studio is as significant an integration tool as Savant’s introduction of Blueprint™ over a decade ago.”

Further, the Studio update will add a bunch of new third-party device integrations for things like door locks, IP control of Samsung displays that require an encrypted registration process, and more.

All of the new Savant Studio features are available now.