Selective Design, co-founded by industry veterans Todd Sutherland and Eric Nakkila, has announced that they and their brands have joined forces with Home Technology Association. Selective Design’s portfolio, including Nakymatone, Gray Sound, Waterfall Audio, Architettura Sonora, and HTE, stands apart for discerning dealers and their clients. The mission at Selective Design is to offer products that perform at the top of their categories, and feature design differentiation from the pack of uninspired, “me too” alternatives. The Home Technology Association exists to empower homeowners and the specification community with an independent method to evaluate the technical competence, customer service, and reputation of home technology professionals. By providing rigorous standards, they seek to elevate the execution and enjoyment of technology and ultimately provide an objective method to successfully match the right professional, services and products with the right project.

 “The Home Technology Association (HTA) is happy to have Selective Design and the brands they represent—Architettura Sonora, Gray Sound, HTE, Nakymatone, and Waterfall Audio—as HTA Resource Brands,” says Josh Christian, CEO of HTA. “Luxury clients and their design teams are looking for innovative products that enhance their designs and provide quality entertainment experiences, and they are sure to be intrigued by Selective Design’s portfolio, as each of these brands are architecturally significant.”

 “HTA’s mission to promote successful first-rate custom AV integrators to discerning clients, designers and architects fits perfectly with Selective Design’s mission, stated Todd Sutherland. Far too often, these luxury clients and their design teams get connected to the wrong integrators, and are sold products that don’t match the quality, design and performance they enjoy in every other aspect of their lives. These clients desire and can afford better, and together, HTA and Selective Design look forward to introducing them to our differentiation. 

Nakymatone Invisible Loudspeakers

When complete invisibility is the goal for music and theater systems. Nakymatone has succeeded where other invisibles have failed…sound quality that will shame even some in-wall brands. Performance and ease-of-installation advantages way above the alternatives. You need to hear a demonstration. Manufactured in Canada.