For the client who wants to create a vibrant outdoor entertainment experience, a key component of that experience is a large display. Similar to today’s living rooms, they want large screens that can deliver an impactful image—sun glare, shading, and weather challenges be damned. A new line of outdoor televisions from Séura aims to answer all of those questions while still providing an engaging entertainment experience.

Séura, which has made its name as a manufacturer of advanced TV and electronic mirror products, developed a line of weatherproof outdoor TVs that can rise to the occasion, no matter the lighting conditions. But, thinking beyond just the picture quality itself, Séura also thought about audio quality, which can be equally as difficult in an outdoor, open-air environment. In that sort of setting, sound can be difficult to contain, and you also have to consider the other external noises that the TV audio will be competing with.

“We created these TVs with work-hard, play-hard consumers in mind,” Gretchen Gilbertson, CEO of Séura, said in a statement. “Their elegant design meets best-in-class video performance in all weather conditions. Séura Outdoor TVs enhance beautifully-designed outdoor spaces and truly bring people together.”

Made for any outdoor space, the Séura Outdoor TVs are equipped with the company’s exclusive Adaptive Picture Technology, which continuously adjusts multiple picture settings to present an optimal viewing experience for the consumer. Think of it like your smartphone screen, which can adjust its brightness level depending on the lighting environment you’re trying to view it in, only on a much more sophisticated level. These Séura TVs are three-times brighter than any indoor TV, and roughly 30 percent brighter than similar alternatives, according to the company.

And with Mother Nature in mind, Séura designed these TVs to be truly weatherproof. Able to withstand all kinds of extreme conditions—including heat, cold, moisture, dust, and bugs—the manufacturer designed all of the electrical connections and critical components in a way that keeps them properly sealed and protected. They’re secure enough to operate continuously outdoors in temperatures ranging from -40 to 140 degrees F (for the Ultra Bright model) and -24 to 104 degrees F (for the Shade Series).

Both the Ultra Bright and Shade Series models are 4K UDH HDR displays. The former has size options ranging between 49-inches and 86-inches, while the latter comes in sizes ranging between 55-inches and 75-inches. The Ultra Bright line will require a 60-watt RMS two-channel Bluetooth-enabled premium soundbar, while the Shade Series will operate with a standard 50-watt soundbar, with the option to upgrade to the 60-watt premium soundbar. Both are backed by Séura’s two-year warranty.