Projection screen company Severtson Screens has announced a partnership with cinema integrator and design company CES+ to provide screens for CES+’s new InstaCinema inflatable outdoor cinema screen. Now available for order, InstaCinema is designed to be used in large, open outdoor venues, such as fields, parking lots, etc. as well as in larger outdoor residential applications.

The InstaCinema inflatable outdoor cinema screen is designed using Severtson’s PVC material, and is available in 20- and 40-foot standard widths, with larger sizes to become available in the near future, according to Toby Severtson, president and CEO of Severtson Corp. “There are a few competing products out there,’” he said in the announcement statement, “but none with an inflatable solution with a 2.2 gain at such sizes, making it much brighter and clearer in an outdoor environment. In the world in which we currently live, social distancing has become vitally important, and so outdoor movies have become popular once again. We are very excited to partner with CES+ in providing such an outstanding product for a number of applications.”

The InstaCinema screen also comes with various accessories including a tarp, blower, mallet, anchors, ropes and a patch kit, and estimated setup and take-down time is 30 minutes.

Said CES+’s Daniela Figueroa: “Over the years, we have heard from many of our clients that they are looking for much higher-quality outdoor cinema screens, particularly recently during the current COVID-19 crisis. Customers also want brighter outdoor screens, similar to those in their theaters. As such, we’ve taken the time to listen to their ideas and developed the InstaCinema Screen to provide them with a fully functional, high-quality, and portable option. We couldn’t have done this without our partners at Severtson Screens and we are grateful to them for sharing with us their decades of projection screen expertise.”