As is the case for many companies, Signify held on to a suite of new Philips Hue products to announce at IFA 2019. The list includes the new Filament collection, smart plugs, smart buttons, and an upgraded Hue Go.

The Filament collection consists of Edison-style light bulbs that create a vintage effect in the smart home. Available in the three shapes of traditional ($25), tube ($28), and globe ($33), the LED bulbs are encased in an amber coating and emit a warm white light. Users can control the lighting in their home using the Philips Hue Bluetooth app, a compatible voice device, or by pairing the Filament collection with the Zigbee-based Philips Hue Bridge. The Bridge lets users access the full Philips Hue ecosystem including indoor and outdoor lights, away from home control, Philips Hue Entertainment and Friends of Hue, as well as third-party app compatibility. The Filament collection is now available in Europe and will make its way to North America next month.

“Our new Philips Hue Filament bulbs combine modern technology with vintage design,” said Jasper Vervoort, Business Leader Home Systems & Luminaires, Philips Hue at Signify. “You can instantly recreate the feel of your favorite bistro or simply add visual style to your room. It’s simple to control and personalize your lighting with just a tap of your smartphone or with a voice command.”

This month, however, we can expect a new line of E14 white candle bulbs priced at $33 for a two-pack. The bulbs support Bluetooth and can also pair with the Hue Bridge. Another product that received Bluetooth compatibility was the upgraded Hue Go. Philips added another hour of battery life to the Hue Go and bumped up its brightness from 400 to 520 lumens. The refreshed Hue Go will be available in November for $80.

Next on the list are the new $40 smart plug and $20 smart button slated for an October launch. The smart plug can convert. The smart plug can turn formerly non-compatible light fixtures into connected devices that can then be controlled within the Hue app. The smart button can be affixed throughout the home with mounting plates to allow users easy access to their daily routines at the tap of a button.

Philips also expanded its line of bathroom and recessed lights. The Adore range includes a recessed spot and a large and small version of a slender, horizontal mirror light. The recessed spots pack includes three spots, two of which are mirror lights. All three come with a Hue Dimmer switch for easy control. The Dugator and Argenta build-on spot lights create a sublet look using the Philips Hue White and color ambiance Centura recessed spotlight.

“We’re committed to making connected lighting more accessible and want to provide people with greater choice when it comes to the connectivity, control, ambiance and aesthetics of their lights,” said Vervoort. “We are proud to introduce a variety of new and updated products including the new Philips Hue Smart plug, Philips Hue Smart button and the updated Philips Hue Go portable smart lamp with Bluetooth capability, in addition to our first-ever Philips Hue Filament bulb.”