The June 2009 issue of CustomRetailer honored Wilshire Home Entertainment, of Thousands Oaks, Calif., with its Customer Satisfaction Award!

In a perfect world, your business would be the first place people thought of for their entertainment needs. And while this would be spectacular for your bottom line, you would miss out on the pleasure and satisfaction of winning over customers who have been let down by your competitors.

So was the story that played out at Wilshire Home Entertainment last year. Wilshire was not the first place Jennifer Johnson went to purchase a new TV, but it sure will be from now on because of the exceptional customer service she received, in a pinch, we might add.

This letter below is a quintessential example of giving every customer the best your business has to offer, even if he/she didn’t come to you first. It’s also a letter with which CR is proud to conclude our year-long Customer Satisfaction Winner awards.

Congratulations, Wilshire Home Entertainment, and to all of our honorees this year!

Wilshire Home Entertainment
1412 N. Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

August 12, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I am sorry that it took me so long to get this to you, but I am finally writing to you to praise both you and your company. You all saved me! I had purchased a Sony HDTV for my husband in May from another store and requested delivery just before Father’s Day. My husband was working out of town for some time, so I purchased the TV early in order to guarantee the surprise when he returned home.

The night before the scheduled delivery I was called and told that my previously purchased TV was not in stock! I was both shocked and livid! Now I had to rush around town trying to find the exact TV and try to get it delivered and installed by Father’s Day—two days away!

I looked at your Web site and decided to give the local “Mom and Pop” guys a try. Your wonderful sales associate, Steve Cohen, totally saved the day! He was so helpful and was able to GUARANTEE the exact time and day for the installation and set-up of the exact TV I had chosen elsewhere! I was so happy that I actually hugged him!

Please know that you have a customer for life! I have told everyone I know how wonderful you all are! Keep up the great work! We will be back in soon for our surround sound and a Blu-ray player. You are all the best!

Thank you very much, once again!

Jennifer Johnson