London-based audio company Lode Audio has just announced the creation of a U.S. subsidiary, Lode Audio Inc., which will be located in Dover, New Hampshire.

With their stated goal being to “own high resolution audio content delivery in the CI industry”, the company sees the U.S. market as “one of the largest opportunities in the world” especially for Lode Audio, who pride themselves on their “compelling platform… across the residential, commercial, hospitality and marine segments.”

Alex Miller, co-founder of Lode Audio, explained that, for the company to find success in the U.S., “we had to step up and make two commitments to the top CI guys in that market”, referring to Todd Sutherland’s recent appointment as U.S. head of sales within the company, as well as to “the opening of our U.S. office.” and that his company was ready to earn the trust of U.S. integrators through “a superb product… timely access… and most importantly, local market access to world-class technical support.” In addition, he added that “it all has to work, and seamlessly, and we won’t rest until it does.”

Front and rear view of Lode’s LA1 Audio Server.

Products sold by Lode Audio include their LA1 audio server, a single zone system which plays music “synchronously throughout the property without the issues of interference, delays and outages experienced by many commercially available wireless based audio systems.” Other features include:

  • Stackable up to 64 zones
  • Configurable music services
  • Control system integration

Miller stated that the Lode Audio inventory would be arriving in the coming weeks.