URClogoNine top programmers were awarded a total of $9,000 at URC’s Accelerator Challenge competition that was held during CEDIA 2015 at the Kay Bailed Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas last week.

The competition, which had programmers race to set up an eight-zone Total Control home automation system without any aid or assistance, saw three programmers take home the top prize of $1,500 cash each of the three days the CEDIA 2015 show floor was open. Justin Spiniolas of Spinstallation in Woodstock, Illinois, set the record for the fastest time when he completed the setup in 5 minutes and 43 seconds on Friday.

The second- and third-place winners each day took home $1,000 and $500 respectively. The longest time was just 7 minutes 25 seconds, and the average of the nine fastest times was just 6 minutes and 51 seconds.

“The nine separate winners, working alone without any aids or assistance, each comprehensively programmed an 8-zone system in an average time of just 6 min., 51 sec. We knew it could be done—but seeing our dealers do it live and so successfully was astounding,” Cat Toomey, URC Director of Marketing, said in a statement. “The realization that nine separate homes could essentially be programmed in just over an hour is powerful news for our entire industry. And, one dealer had never even seen our software prior!”

Here’s a full list of the winners from the three days of competition, including their company, and the time it took them to complete the challenge:


  • 1st Place: Jack Thompson, Revampit AV, Scottsdale, Arizona (6:48)
  • 2nd Place: Ryan Yeackley, Schaeffer’s, Lincoln, Nebraska (7:05)
  • 3rd Place: Kevin Qualtrough, Premier AV Integration, Langley, British Columbia (7:21)


  • 1st Place: Justin Spiniolas, Spinstallation, Woodstock, Illinois (5:43)
  • 2nd Place: Steve Richardson, NOLA AV, Gretna, Louisiana (6:06)
  • 3rd Place: James Dean, Alamo Electronics, Cincinnati, Ohio (6:54)


  • 1st Place: Jonathan Spoer, KAJON, Agoura Hills, California (6:22)
  • 2nd Place: Dustin O’Berry, LA Tech Support, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (7:21)

3rd Place: Christopher Speer, Suntronics, Colorado Springs, Colorado (7:25)