Electronic systems, integration and home entertainment firm, Tekmax Technologies, received the WELDer of the Year award from WELD2, of Bellevue, WA. Every year, WELD2 honors the business they feel best embodies business and community virtues in the custom electronic systems installation space. This year, Tekmax Technologies of Plano, TX takes the award and the gold welder’s helmet that comes with it. WELD2_LOgo_Brittany_011314

WELD2 founding partner, Barry Scovel, felt Tekmax’s strong community outreach and charity work made them the perfect candidate. “While many companies around the U.S. are excellent electronics systems installation and design firms, we’ve found far fewer have the sense of community involvement that TEKMAX and founder Ray Estrada exudes,” he said in a statement.

Estrada donates time to help his industry and the other small business owners within it. He is also a fierce supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

“I volunteer for MDA because my dad had brothers with Muscular Dystrophy. My dad volunteered his time for different organizations to help others in need throughout his life after his brothers passed away. You could say I am following in his footsteps,” Estrada said in a statement.

Estrada stated that working with CEDIA is a mutually beneficial relationship. “Working with CEDIA is my way of giving back. Thanks to CEDIA, I have learned methods to better manage our company and hone our technical skills. It is a win-win situation for us.”

Estrada credits Lead Technicians, Hunter Crook and Ricardo Torres, as being instrumental to the company’s success. Estrada stated that their “genuine interest in the well-being of the company” has enabled the firm to deliver on projects large and small.

“Over the years, we have handled some technically difficult projects and they have always delivered. Thanks to them, I know we can deliver on the last 5% of a project. When the need arises, I have the ability to step in and resolve difficult technical issues as well. I believe our technicians, consistent results and client referrals are the key reasons why we have been able to remain in business.”

“With WELD2, our repeat business from existing clients has increased. I highly recommend WELD2,” said Estrada. WELD2 Founding partner, Frank White, says WELD2 focuses on existing customers because, although research shows they’re a dealer’s most profitable, historically they’re under-marketed to by small contractors.