One of the truly enjoyable and unique things about being a part of the tech press and having a publication like Connected Design is that it opens our eyes up to so many other industries in the home building and interior design industries. Of course, it’s the bridge building and networking between those spaces that’s at the heart of what we set out to do. So much of that, as we’ve come to realize, revolves around education from one industry to the next. A perfect example of this is the educating we recently received on the topic of bathroom taps.

Never in a million years could we have imagined sitting down to write up a piece about the versatility of bathroom fixtures, yet, here we are. Quadro Design, a stainless steel tap manufacturer, recently unveiled new internal manufacturing capabilities that will enable the brand to offer complete flexibility to clients and customers, no matter the size or customization required for each individual project. That, in and of itself, is some pretty impressive news. But to understand what Quadro is now offering, you have to understand that they’re a brand that offers 33 different variants for tap mouths that are combinable with five different types of mixers in their catalog. That results in hundreds of possible variations for the end user—a reality that could but any brand in a logistical nightmare situation. However, thanks to their now streamlined structure and internal production guarantee, that won’t be the case for Quadro.

Drawing Parallels to Tech

What’s perhaps most interesting about having a release like this come across our desk is diving through it and finding some really cool similarities to the tech world. Reading through the descriptions of the five different types of mixers that Quadro Design has available, they read an awful lot like and new tech product description might, positing traits like improved performance, sleek designs, and universal applications. Further, you get into materials and finishes like brushed metal, aluminum, brass, and so on.

But at a higher level, it’s the connection to design and customization that really stands out. So much of tech today—especially in the custom integration space—leans heavily on luxurious designs that blend form and function. While the end user expects a product to perform a particular task (and perform it well, by the way), they also expect that the product will not impede on their everyday lives or even the interior design work in their home. Many tech brands, for all intents and purposes, have taken a cue from the design side of things and implemented that kind of strategy into their product portfolios. They are offering consumers more in the way of finishes, in-the-wall integrations in order to hide ugly wires, and even just some downright beautiful pieces of technology.

quadro design combinations

In Quadro, we find just one example of how the same can be said for the bathroom fixture market. Their hundreds of different tap designs offer a glimpse at a world where consumers can get lost in the incremental details of a home build or renovation. The main differentiator here being that this is a product they will likely use on a daily basis and is integral to how the home functions.

Still, Quadro Design is innovating this space both in its tap designs and how its working with industry partners to get their product into clients’ homes in a more efficient manner. Their bathroom taps are gorgeous, and, now, they’re even simpler for home builders and designers to get their hands on—and, hey, even integrators who’ve made their way into the bathroom.