In Zigen’s decade-long history, they have made enormous strides in the 4K video distribution space. Now, the company has introduced a new product line, HXL-PLUS Matrix Series. The HXL-PLUS Matrix Series is Dolby Vision and ULTRA HD 4K certified with built-in web diagnostics, audio matrix and independent scaled outputs for mixed resolution display environments. Providing full switching control over the audio and video system, the HXL-PLUS series also includes 5-band EQ, preset EQ, volume attenuation, tone control, L/R balance, and surround effect. These matrices support uncompressed 12-bit Dolby Vision & 10-bit HDR across all inputs and outputs. The HXL-PLUS Matrix Series gives the integrator total control of their A/V distribution in a simple and cost-effective manner.

“We all know source devices like Apple TV, Roku, etc, have eliminated audio breakouts from their streaming boxes. The ability to extract source audio from HDMI automatically and be able to route that audio to any zone is like breath of fresh air!” Says Ed Dellalyan, president & lead engineer for Zigen. “Now couple that with independent down scaler for each of the HDMI outputs, volume attenuation, 5-band EQ, audio matrix, and Dolby Vision support, all for under $3K MSRP. This opens up a whole new revenue opportunity for integrators that have been priced out due to similar products costing several times more than the Zigen option. We design our product with our integrators in mind and want them to win every single bid.”

Included with the HXL-PLUS Series is ZigNet, the company’s built-in diagnostics analyzer tool. ZigNet pulls real time data from all sources/displays and provides a visual overview of problems that can arise with distributed systems. It eliminates the need for costly analyzers and time-consuming step by step troubleshooting. ZigNet may also be set-up to send system trouble alerts so that integrators can address issues before they become a problem.

“Our goal is to always make an integrators job easier.” Says Vanessa Zitzmann, head of marketing and sales for Zigen. “We want to make sure our products are reliable, plug & play, and of the highest quality. The HXL-Plus Matrix Series is no expectation, it was meticulously tested, de-bugged and tested again. We are excited to finally see it in our dealer’s hands!”

Key features of the HXL-44PLUS & HXL-88PLUS include:

  • Dolby Vision and ULTRA HD 4K Certified
  • Supports Dolby Vision, HDR-10, HDR-10+ and HLG
  • Supports Independent Scaler per Output
  • Supports Autonomous EDID Management
  • 5-Band EQ, Preset EQ, Volume Attenuation, Tone Control
  • HDMI Scaled Output 4K>1080p
  • HXL-88PLUS – Supports 8×8 Video Matrix & 8×12 Audio Matrix
  • HXL-44PLUS – Supports 4×4 Video Matrix & 4×8 Audio Matrix