Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Architects, Integrators Make Inroads at Azione Conference

In inviting architects to its annual Spring conference, Azione helped to start a crucial conversation between the two professions.

ProSource Added 13 CI Members in Q4 of 2018

The 13 additions bolster the group's revenue by $26 million

HTSA announces addition of new member AudioVisions

HTSA said that AudioVisions is just one of an initial wave of new dealers in the process of joining the organization.

ProSource has added 17 new members to the organization

ProSource announced that it has added 17 new members to the organization this week.

ProSource Audio Committee finishes strategic planning at IFA

During the IFA conference in Berlin, audio, video, and integration buying group ProSource completed a series of strategic planning meetings with key audio vendor partners.

A New Wave of Opportunities for HES Dealers

Specialty CE dealers and custom integrators must embrace both higher-end and lower-end solutions to capture new wave opportunities that is set to flood the channel.

Anti-Defamation League Honors CE Luminaries

The Anti-Defamation League on Saturday hosted its annual National Consumer Technology Industry Awards ceremony, which raises money to fight bigotry, defend democratic ideals and protect civil rights.

PRO Group Spring Meeting: Specialty Dealers Face Another Crossroad

Specialty dealers who gathered at PRO Group's Spring Meeting find themselves at another crossroad, bullish on 3DTV, home healthcare and energy management solutions

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