Friday, August 14, 2020

Bringing Sexy (Cables) Back

Austere, a new A/V accessories brand, aims to fill the gap in the market by providing products that weave strong performance and design.
austere launch 2019

Austere Proves that Cables Can Be Sexy Too

Deena Ghazarian formally launched Austere, an a/v accessories company that's hitting a massive gap in the market by providing products that weave strong performance into a luxurious design.

Platinum Tools will bring new tone and probe set to CEDIA...

Platinum Tools announced that it will launch its new Tone and Probe Set (TP150) during the 2015 CEDIA Expo in Dallas next week.

Platinum Tools will exhibit its new Net Prowler Pro Test Kit...

Platinum Tools, a provider of wire and cable prep, installation, and hand termination products, announced on Friday that it will be displaying its new Net Prowler Pro Test Kit at the 2015 CEDIA Expo in Dallas in October.

Tech to Watch

The inaugural CEA Demo Suites, partner of CEA Line Shows and included in the first-ever CE Week, kicked off in Manhattan last Friday at the Affinia Hotel.

Show Honeywell Your ‘Best Dressed’ A/V Rack

You don’t have to rent a tux for Honeywell’s “Best Dressed” A/V Rack contest. Just design and install one excellent home theater and show it off to the company. “The contest is a chance for installers to flaunt their most lavish home theater projects to command the respect (and awe) of the CE industry,” according to Honeywell. For their trouble, dealers will pick up a $200 American Express Gift Card, and all “deserving” entries, including non-winners, will have their photos and names posted on the Honeywell Cable web site, the purpose being to gain more business-building exposure. To enter the contest, Honeywell cable customers should e-mail a

Everybody’s a Star

Imagine meeting someone for the first time at a party. He or she takes an immediate interest in you, not just asking what you do for a living, but about your family, your fantasies, even your emotional needs. And beyond the typical handshake, this attentive new acquaintance leaves you with keepsakes of your meeting: chocolates, a ride home and a business card. And not just any chocolate, but gourmet chocolate flown in from France. And not just a ride, but a stretch limo with the gift of a shiny martini set waiting for you in the backseat. And not just a

Niles Offers New IntelliControl ICS Platform Through Narrow Distribution

The IntelliControl ICS (Integrated Control Solutions) whole-house audio system, the first major product initiative from Niles Audio in the year since it became part of the Linear group, has begun shipping to around 600 select factory-authorized dealers of the brand’s total distribution network of about 1,100, says Mike Detmer, vice president of sales and marketing. “The system does not require programming, but rather configuration using a PC running Windows XP,” says Niles President Frank K. Sterns, who adds that the rollout is limited to “reputable dealers who can service the type of customer for this. We’ve targeted it toward semi-custom and custom home installation, and

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