Friday, July 19, 2019

Sugar Land Haven

The Echo Workshop team devised a plan to combine the best features of a Lutron HomeWorks System with the interfacing of a Savant control system to automate this mecca of entertaining and socializing.

A Masters Class in Installation

After helping a client build out the home theater of their dreams, Easy Living with Technology found themselves at the heart of a major new build when it was time for their client to upgrade.

June Bloom

For every aspect that reveals the easy-going nature of this Venice Beach home, the full-automated Savant system makes it one of the smartest houses on the block.

Picture Perfect

Ready to bring his relatives dream retirement home to life, Brent Simcox and the team at Grand Home Automation outfitted the home into one of their most impressive projects to date.

Disrupting The Cycle

Cloud9‘s architect-first mindset shifts long-standing industry stigmas on how technology professionals and design experts should interact.

Certified For Success

Josh Christian and the Home Technology Association is on a mission to improve integrators’ reputation with architects, designers, and builders.

Home is Where the Art Is

Tim Sinnaeve of Barco Residential discusses the finer points of New Media Art and how the digital canvases can transform a home into something so much more.

Integrator Spotlight: Innovative Integrations

Owner Joe Valcik parlayed his passion for sound into fueling the connected-home passions of his clients and the design partners he meets along the way.

Pioneering the Connected Outdoors

For audio and video professionals, the outdoor space feels like a new frontier but thankfully, there are companies dedicated to elevating that experience.

Courting Fun

InnerSpace Electronics client built a new guest house that would serve as the main hangout location for the clients, guests, and his teenage children.

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