Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Yacht for All Seasons

Atlantic Marine Electronics (AME) demonstrates a textbook example of how canny planning can make technology a perfect fit in very tight quarters.
iquarters cd home automation

Technology with Transparency

Discover how Montgomery, NY-based integrator iQuarters was able to outfit the latest home automation features into this all-glass house successfully—and unobtrusively.

A Fusion of Lighting Design & Automation

This Boston Back Bay mansion was wired for high technology, harmoniously amalgamated with its retro design elements.

Cultured Tech

Explore this Florida condominium where elements of both art and audio meld seamlessly with cutting-edge integration solutions.

Vegas Lights

Eagle Sentry put on quite the display in one of their largest installs to-date. This Vegas Lights home has it all, including multiple home theaters, a car lift, Colorbeam lighting throughout the home, and more.

Design Process

Cloud9's senior systems engineer reviews the design process that his team follows to ensure that every project ends up a success.

Sophisticated Simplicity

The Simply Automated team brought integrated control to this newly-constructed home that blends high-tech with high-class design.

A Happy Marriage of Technology and Design

La Scala Integrated Media conducted this award-winning project that blurs the lines of what's possible with technology and design.
stealthy control cd install winter 2019

An Emphasis on Stealthy Control

As part of a major Orlando home renovation, Florida-based integrator A/V Creative Concepts was tasked with creating an immersive living room home theater.
*CD_Digi_Issue1218__Install#4_MultiZoneFrance_WATERFALL NIAGARA speakers , Elora Center

The Bond Between Image and Sound

Cutting-edge technology meets contemporary design in this international spy-thriller themed home theater and wider custom install project. The result? An absolutely stunning finished product.

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