Friday, November 15, 2019

Fabbian’s Euroluce Line Of Glass Fixtures Combine Light and Art

Fabbian's Euroluce Collection redefines the presence of light through nine fixtures of various shapes and sizes designed to look like works of art.
Loxone Ceiling light Bathroom_3 copy

Loxone Drops New Low-Voltage LED Fixtures

Loxone expands its portfolio of LED fixtures with three new products for the U.S. market: LED Spots, Ceiling Lights, and Pendulum Slims.

Into the Light: The Crucial Role of Lighting Systems

Lighting has become an incredibly important tool in integrators’ work belts. Understanding the range of options—and how these systems come together—is crucial to proper execution.

InnerSpace Electronics Honored by Lutron for Project Excellence

InnerSpace Electronics has been honored by Lutron Electronics with the 2018 Excellence Award for "Best Use of Lutron's High-Performance LED Fixtures."

CE Week Panel: Architects, Designers Plan for Smarter Homes

Industry cognoscenti from Lutron, AIA, Houzz, IVY, and And Design LLC talk about how to win over smart home skeptics during a CE Week Panel.

Eagle Sentry’s Baptism by Colorbeam

Eagle Sentry's project shows the importance of manufacturer-integrator relationships and the promise of a revolutionary lighting solution.

Cincy Building Leverages Colorbeam’s LED Lighting Power

Colorbeam's LED treatment is underscoring a Cincinnati building's unique architectural attributes, utilized as a way to evoke emotion, mood, and behavior.

Let There Be Light: Navigating an Untapped Industry

There are so many lighting avenues for integrators to explore, and nobody knows that better than the biggest manufacturers in the nation.

Color LED Lighting Can Dazzle in Pools, Trees

“As head designer,” says HiFi House Chief Custom Designer E.J. Feulner, “lighting is important to me, and lighting control factors into most of my outdoor projects for landscaping, pools and other areas. My philosophy is that clients shouldn’t have to touch a light switch to turn on an outdoor light.” Until very recently, outdoor integrators have dealt mostly with utilitarian lighting and control systems, “programming scenes for when you’re watching movies to turn the lights off on that side of the house, or for illuminating the path back to the kitchen where you get more food. Pretty straightforward stuff,” says Aurant CEO Jeff Anderson. But our


As HP’s Digital Entertainment Center exits the living room, Exceptional Innovation (EI) is inviting other manufacturers’ A/V component-like Media Center PCs over to hang out with its Lifeware home entertainment and automation software—but not without a few words about its most prominent marketing ally’s disappointing departure. HP recently—and without a formal announcement—discontinued its line of Digital Entertainment Centers (DECs). Those Media Center PCs were designed to look like A/V components, leading to their description as “living room form factor” Media Centers. HP had been offering DECs for a couple of years, and the HP logo and the DECs themselves had been prominently featured in

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