Wednesday, September 30, 2020
 A Project of Excellence 

Multiple trophies. An incredibly complex calibration challenge. This media room – with glass walls that open to an adjacent courtyard — is a tremendous example of the craftsmanship that will be honored in the annual CEDIA Awards, and propel the firm behind the work into the top tier of CEDIA’s new Member of Excellence program.

 First, the room 

As anyone who’s constructed a media room is well aware, glass walls can be a monumental issue for audio calibration — especially glass walls that open and close. That was one of the biggest challenges that Audio Images was facing when the firm was hired to turn this space into an entertainment mecca: It’s got to sound and look fantastic even when it’s open to the adjacent courtyard.

The room’s footprint was already set when the Audio Images team arrived: “The project already had the poured-in-place concrete for the front and back walls of the room when we were brought onto the project — but no challenge is too great for our acoustical engineering company, so we set off to find the correct amount of absorption and acoustical treatments to help bring the room back to proper reverberation.”

An informal look belies the extensive and precise calibration this room required: “The system was carefully tuned, voiced, and optimized utilizing digital parametric equalization, by PMI Ltd. — using a combination of transfer function impulse response measurements with spatial averaging, time-varying windowing, and psychoacoustic smoothing.” The 9.4.2 speaker Dolby Atmos speaker system includes LCR speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen and four compact subs in a “square” configuration. Angled-baffle speakers mounted in the ceiling creates the immersive effect. A Barco Medea projector provides a 4K image to a 1.78:1 screen area.

Calibration of the room’s audio and video provide a great experience to as many as 15 people at a time. Additionally, careful power management and an HVAC system designed for reduced noise all contribute to the overall quality of this stunning project. The room even includes a system for the client’s re-discovery of his love for vinyl and includes his “dream setup” featuring components by McIntosh.

CEDIA’s judges call the finished product here “an absolutely lovely installation,” awarding it trophies for both Best Media Room, Level III, Americas; and a Global Award as well — meaning that the finished room was superior to every other CEDIA Award winner in the category, regardless of budget, in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and EMEA regions.

It’s exactly the kind of project that will help propel a company like Audio Images into a new tier of CEDIA recognition: the CEDIA Member of Excellence Program.

 CEDIA Member

of Excellence

The new program aims to encourage inclusiveness and celebrate excellence, featuring two designations CEDIA members can achieve to demonstrate their company’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to their clients, investing in professional development and technical excellence, and serving their community.

Designed for companies of all sizes, the CEDIA Member of Excellence Program involves two designations: the CEDIA Member of Excellence and CEDIA Advanced Member. Continuing education, customer service, and community service are the fundamental elements of the program.

To receive the highest designation, CEDIA Member of Excellence, companies must demonstrate top levels of quality in the three aforementioned areas, as well as meet certain certification and craftsmanship benchmarks.

“The level of technical prowess — combined with the fact that this project won multiple CEDIA Awards — is a great demonstration of the level of skill and attention that would qualify this company for the CEDIA Member of Excellence designation,” said Giles Sutton, senior vice president of Industry Engagement.

Program participants will receive exclusive access to logos, marketing tools, a preferred listing in the CEDIA Finder Service, and are eligible for an additional savings off CEDIA training products.

Full details on the requirements for each designation as well as the submission process can be found at

  • Equipment List

  • ADA SAK-16x150 amplifier
  • Apple TV
  • Ashly NE24.24M 8x4 Protea DSP audio matrix processor
  • Audio Images custom framing and enclosures
  • Barco Medea projector
  • Cleerline Technology cables
  • Crestron HR-150 remote
  • Iogear adapters
  • Lab Gruppen C 28:4 amplifier
  • Liberty cables
  • McIntosh

    • MP100 phono preamp
    • MT5 turntable
    • MX122 A/V processor

  • Middle Atlantic racks
  • PAC RSIC-DC04 decoupler clips
  • PureLink HTE III TX/RX 4K HDR over HDBaseT extension kits
  • Roku
  • Sony UBP X1000ES 4K UHD Blu-ray player
  • Stewart Filmscreen screen
  • Triad InCeiling Silver/6 Satellite speakers
  • Triad InWall Gold/6 LCR speakers
  • Tributaries Cable
  • Xantech 282D mouse emitters