Thursday, October 1, 2020
Acoustic Designs Group:

Wired by AudioQuest

Chris Matthews, a CPA, was tired of climbing the corporate ladder. He wanted something more, something nicer. In 2005, he decided he would turn his passion for home entertainment into a career. He founded Acoustic Designs. The company specializes in home theater and automation, and practices what it preaches. In 2011, fueled by modest success, Matthews opened his first small showroom, so that his clients could actually “see and touch what home automation is all about,” explains Systems Designer Don Loving. “It also allowed us to show some high-end audio and home theater equipment.”

Eager to build upon his company’s progress, in 2018, Matthews partnered with Kevin Flowers, founder of Light Control, a full-service architectural lighting firm. The alliance made for a natural and productive fit. Now incorporating lighting, shading, and installation services, as well as a team of skilled electricians to support it all, Acoustic Designs became Acoustic Designs Group (ADG).

A Fully Immersive

Sensory Experience

The duo’s shared dedication to whole-home automation and affinity for state-of-the-art equipment is readily apparent throughout ADG’s new design center. Officially opened in May, it’s a lavishly adorned home- entertainment facility, complete with three audiophile sound rooms, a dedicated home theater, high-performance headphone lounge, fully functional SubZero kitchen, game room with planar video wall, and 2500-sqft commercial warehouse. In total, the ADG facility comprises 7500-sqft of beautiful sound, vibrant pictures, and gorgeous lighting—a fully immersive sensory experience.

“Having Lighting Design services in-house to the level we are able to provide is a game changer for the automation industry. We just made our toolbox infinite by bridging the gap between so many disciplines. The attraction is being able to group all of our client’s technology needs under one roof and ensure expectations, coordination, and implementation are seamless,” Flowers said in a statement.

ADG and AudioQuest:

An Infinite Toolbox

When the time came to run cable through the walls, developing an infrastructure through which the design center could both excel in the present and remain primed for the future, the choice was clear: AudioQuest. The California- based high-performance audio company is a vital part of ADG’s business, says Loving.

For our home theater, it’s AudioQuest Mackenzie interconnects and Rocket 88 speaker cables. In our two-channel sound rooms, AudioQuest Elements Series interconnects and Mythical Creature Series speaker cables are our go- tos. AudioQuest Niagara power conditioning with Wind Series AC power cables are givens. When it comes to HDMI, our choice is AudioQuest’s Cinnamon and Carbon. Meanwhile, the headphone lounge has opened up a new revenue stream for us, and the AudioQuest DragonFly DAC is a growing part of that.”

We practice what we preach. The design center’s infrastructure is made of AudioQuest Cat6 and Cat7 Ethernet cable.

—Don Loving, DG Systems Designer

Something Nicer

A broad selection of products and a commitment to quality that transcends mere price—these are just two of the ways in which ADG and AudioQuest are perfectly aligned.

Both companies value their respective reputations over any amount of money, and both believe in exceeding their customers’ expectations—a goal accomplished primarily through careful listening, whether it’s to their clients’ needs or the latest audio/video technologies and innovations. Ultimately, ADG and AudioQuest strive to deliver the most enjoyable entertainment experience possible. The point of entry is a secondary concern to quality and immersion.

While home automation accounts for approximately 85% of ADG’s business, the new design center is inspiring rapid growth in other sectors, exhibiting very real crossover potential.

For instance, Loving recounts, “We had a client come in to review our Crestron proposal for his new home. On his way out, he noticed the headphone lounge. He mentioned that he often travels on commercial airlines, had been using a set of headphones that he’d purchased from an airport, and asked if we might have something nicer. Ten minutes later, we had secured a deposit on the Crestron proposal and our client walked out with his new Mr. Speakers Aeon closed-back headphones and an AudioQuest DragonFly DAC.”

Something nicer, indeed.