Thursday, September 24, 2020
 Bel Air Bliss 

The seamless integration of a Crestron DigitalMedia distributed audio/video system, phone and access entry systems, an enterprise-grade network and a CCTV camera system both inside and outdoors were the requirements of this tech-savvy 30-something Bel Air, Calif., homeowner – and they were met at every point by Signals AV, who had come highly recommended by builder RHI, a close-knit professional partner on many such projects.

Because of the contemporary design of the home, a daunting challenge was recessing equipment, such as security cameras, in specific locations that necessitated cutting into stone walls – one that was overcome in close coordination with the builder.

Another brilliant workaround was designing a sound system for the “lawn” – a grassy area that isn’t on solid ground at all, but is suspended above the lower section of the home with cantilevers.

“There was no way to do the usual kind of landscape audio system because there was no area available to mount or hide speakers – just grass and a railing all around,” explained Todd DeAngelis, Signals AV CEO. The solution: Signals AV commissioned James Loudspeaker to custom-design speakers and wiring that integrated into the railing.

Some degree of customization with the Crestron gear was also applied so that a “kiddie pool” added on further into the project could be monitored and temperature-controlled.

The systems and subsystems (including alarm, fire pit, pool, and Lutron lighting) inside and outside are controlled by Crestron via iPads, on-wall touch panels and hand-held remotes. All manner of video sources, including Apple TV, DirecTV, CCTV cameras, and movie content from the Kaleidescape server, are viewable in the dedicated home theater, which doubles as a kids’ “performance space,” as well as on any flat-panel display – including the one that shows the scores at the bowling alley.

The home also features a full-blown golf simulation system in its tech mix, proving that it is possible to blend home-grown fun with a pleasing aesthetic when it’s left in the hands of the right professionals.

  • Equipment List
  • Apple TV
  • Atlona HDMI Switchers
  • AudioQuest Speaker Cable
  • Chief Wall Mount Brackets
  • Cisco Network Security Bundle
  • Crestron Digital Media Switcher System
  • Crestron Multi-Room Audio System
  • Crestron Communicating Thermo
  • Crestron Wireless Touch Panels
  • Crown Omnidirectional Microphones
  • Digital Projection Titan Video Projector
  • DirectTV Satellite Receiver
  • Full Swing Golf Simulator System
  • Furman Rack Mount Surge Protection
  • Ganz Security Indoor Surveillance System
  • Gefen HDMI Baluns
  • James Loudspeaker Custom System
  • JBL Synthesis THX Home Theater System
  • Kaleidescape Music Server System
  • Lumagen Video Processor
  • Lutron Lighting
  • Mid-Atlantic Rack Enclosures
  • Niles IR Emitter
  • Omnimount Cantilever TV Mount
  • Panasonic Phone System
  • Planet Waves Custom Interconnects & Adapters
  • Ruckus Wireless Wireless Access Points
  • Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player & TV
  • Slingbox Sling Media Player
  • Sonance In-wall & In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Sonance Mariner Outdoor Speakers
  • Stealth Acoustics Speakers
  • Stewart Filmscreen Custom Vertical Screen
  • XPand Cinema 3D Glasses